Convergence Insufficiency

eye reflection

Convergence Insufficiency – Difficulty Focusing

Convergence Insufficiency is an eye misalignment that occurs when focusing on close objects. Often one eye will turn outward when trying to read, work on a computer, or watch tv. This causes eyestrain, headaches, difficulty reading, double vision, and difficulty concentrating.


The exact cause of Convergence Insufficiency is not known, but the misalignment involves the muscles that move the eye.


The most effective treatment is vision therapy. Because the issue lies with the eye muscles, they can usually be retrained with exercises. In rare cases, reading glasses or surgery will be recommended.

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Krew’s reading fluency, speed and comprehension have definitely improved. We just can’t say enough great things about Dr. Rudd, Kenia and the staff here. We definitely would recommend this program to anyone out there. It does work.

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