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What People are Saying

It was a great experience from the moment we walked in the door. Every employee went above and beyond and was so nice. Loved the doctor as well.

Savannah W.

Dr. Rudd is fantastic! She always answers all your questions and gives you different options for your situation.

Cynthia E.

First visit as a new patient. I was impressed with the professionalism and efficiency of the appointment without compromising quality.

James R.

Friendly and courteous staff. Doctor thoroughly answered my questions and explained things to me in a way that didn’t make me feel dumb. Would definitely recommend them to friends and family.

Donna P.

From the time we walked through the door until the time we left we felt welcome and well informed. My son has had some visual issues since he was one year old and had a reaction to his vaccines. Dr. Rudd outlined an exam and vision therapy that will help him regain what he has lost. I am so thankful to know that he has the chance to get better and do better in school!

Richard S.

Maggie is more willing to try physical activities like flips on the trampoline. Her ability to read fluidly has improved as well and we’ve only been coming for seven weeks.

Maggie’s Mom

Dalton’s teacher called because she noticed a big difference in his ability to focus in class. We really feel that this is a direct result of vision therapy with Dr. Rudd and we’re so thankful for everything she’s done to help him.

Dalton’s Mom

Krew’s reading fluency, speed and comprehension have definitely improved. We just can’t say enough great things about Dr. Rudd, Kenia and the staff here. We definitely would recommend this program to anyone out there. It does work.

Krew’s Mom

I struggled with reading. Everyone would be finished with the book and I’d still be on an earlier chapter. I couldn’t read for long periods of time without my eyes hurting or seeing double. After completing vision therapy it’s a lot easier to read and keep up. My eyes don’t hurt anymore. My reading speed is a lot faster and my double vision is gone.


More Testimonials

More Testimonials
Friendly and courteous staff. Doctor thoroughly answered my questions and explained things to me in a way that didn't make me feel dumb. Would definitely recommend them to friends and family.

– Donna P.